My name is Jimmy Taaffe and I own Limelight-Images Photography. My brides are like movie stars and my grooms are rock stars.

So, I am a photographer. I shoot with a camera. A really big one. Most of my work is done in the great cities of New York, Youngstown and Pittsburgh.

Photography should be an extension of who you are. What you see. What you see as beautiful. I sometimes refer to my photography as ‘that wonderful machine in me.’ It is, really.

I have the best job in the world… and you know what? That’s kinda cool. I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I enjoyed creating it!

  • I have a Greyhound I rescued from a racetrack named Taffy.
  • I am a HUGE, HUGE baseball fan. The Pirates are my team!
  • I hunt Bigfoot in my spare time.
  • My favorite book is “Anthem” by Ayn Rand.
  • My favorite actor is Al Pacino.
  • My favorite baseball players are Ty Cobb, Logan Morrison, and Jason Kendall.
  • I have two beautiful daughters, Micky and Gigi.
  • I have never eaten a tomato.
  • My favorite movie is the Deer Hunter.
  • My favorite band is Rush.
  • I am a Vegan.
  • I have shot weddings in five different countries.
  • I enjoy mountain biking.
  • I love monster movies.
  • My favorite color is blue.

If you would like more information please contact;
330 717 6170